SelfDrvn for Customer Engagement

with personalized, high-quality customer experience

SelfDrvn helps you build a strong emotional connection between your customers and your brand, strengthen loyalty and increase purchase levels and word-of-mouth promotion.


Why Engage Your Customers
A strong emotional connection between your brand and your customers significantly affects their buying decisions. Your engaged customers are less price sensitive and more likely to:

tell their friends and families about your brand
  • Acquire new customers through word of mouth marketing
  • Increase brand awareness, loyalty and company reputation
buy more and shop more often
  • Increase sales and revenue
How SelfDrvn for Customer Engagement Helps
SelfDrvn's fully integrated, customizable customer engagement platform makes rewarding your customers a whole lot easier, and interaction and communication between your brand and your customers more fun. Get deeper, valuable insight into consumer behaviour, needs and expectations with several helpful features.
Customer Experience Gamification
Gamify your way to better customer engagement with Points, Badges, Rewards and Levels customizable to your business requirements! Automated notifications in real-time ensure customers know and can see their status in the in-app leaderboard, and their earned points and badges in real-time.

Real-World Rewards
Allows your customers easily convert their points earned in-app into real-world items! SelfDrvn offers Auction and Redemption options where customers can bid for real-world items using earned points or exchange their points for tangible items.

Get Social
Want to reach out to your customers? The SelfDrvn News Feed enables and encourages brand-to-customer, and customer-to-customer communication and collaboration.

Embrace and Leverage Customer Feedback
Our gamified experience also includes surveys and polls that allow you hear directly from your customers to understand what they really want. You can analyze this data and use it in forward-thinking ways to improve service delivery, and further enhance engagement.

Transact Easier
SelfDrvn integrates everything your customers want in a single place and an easy-to-use interface, simplifying your customers' experience to increase satisfaction and retention.

Contact us now and take the first step in gaining new engaged lifelong customers, and build loyalty in your existing customer base.

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