Employee Engagement
through an integrated collaboration platform

Enterprise Sharing
The SelfDrvn workplace feed encourages employees to communicate, work together and get more done. It also includes a share feature to promote company branding on global social media networks.

Workplace Gamification
We combine social gaming, fun activities and rewards into a single package, designed exclusively to engage the workplace, and improve performance with learning and development activities.

Collaboration & Competition
SelfDrvn strengthens team dynamics with tools for teams to solicit & share feedback. We also encourage friendly individual competition for desirable behaviours. Used together, the whole organization strives for the better, for the same hours worked.

Behavioral Development
SelfDrvn provides tools that quantifies individual influence & reputation, using established social media tools to motivate everyone in the workplace to maintain and enhance their own reputations. This encourages everyone in your organization to be at their best behaviour.

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